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G’s Favorites is founded of Gina May Uy co-founded by Jerome Uy. It just started at home way back 2020.

What is an incident report?
It is a formal report of an incident in a specific workplace. This can be an area, department or location, it can also be refer to any unusual occurrences such as poor customer service, substandard process, equipment and emergency issues. Incident report must be documented in a detailed facts.

Maintenance and Repair
It is a report of malfunction machines and appliances that causes a delay of operation. Maintenance and repair issue of tool and equipment may take a while to resolve the problem. It depends on its level.

Operations Incident Report
It is a report of incidents done by the employees during operation hours. It can be negligence of duty, wastage or wrong product dispatched. some of the type of incidents involves salary deduction, it depends on its level.

Wastages Product
It is a report of wastages products, ingredients and raw materials from the production and operation. Wastages are loss, wasteful or avoidable loss of something valuable.

IT Help Ticket
If you are having an issue whether it is technical or hardware, you just have to submit an IT Help Ticket to addressed the incident and IT Department will take an initial action on it. It’s better to provide incident photo for a fast solution.

Password Reset Request
It is a request form that you can use if you are having a problem with your account and you want to request a reset of your password.

Shift Incident Report
It is a report done by a Supervisor or Manager. If your staffs are late, absent or undertime on shift you can report it by submitting a report and eventually it will reflect on their performance and salary as well.

Customer’s Complaint
It is a detailed report of a customer’s complaint. If you have encountered an customer’s complaint incident always take note that it must be reported immediately in order for us to take an initial action. Complaints are must be settled not more than 1 hour so that they would feel that their experience matter to us.

Employees will undergo training for 6 months. Performance evaluation will be conducted after 1 week, followed by 3 months and then 6 months. No work, no pay.

Employees will be promoted  for a regularization after 6 months but still terms and condition applies. Regularization of employees will depends on its performance evaluation.

Regular Employees are entitled of 13 Vacation Leave, 12 Sick Leave and 3 Bereavement Leave (Immediate Family) every year.

We have warnings and sanctions for unauthorized absences with no report.

  • 1-3 consecutive days of unauthorized absences with no report, employees will be sanctioned of 3 days suspension.
  • 5-7 consecutive days of unauthorized absences with no report, employees will be sanctioned of Absence without Leave, and/or may lead to termination.

All kind of leaves acquire an approval from superiors and the management.

  • One (1) day vacation leave must be submitted 1 week before the leave date.
  • Two (2) or more days of vacation leave must be submitted 1 month before the leave date, subject for approval.
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